Back to Work with Single Serve

Single Serve Office Coffee

With single serve brewers in so many homes today, people may not realize the kitchen counter wasn’t the initial target of its key inventors.

John Sylvan was part of the team that developed single serve in North America. He told a radio news interviewer from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, “The first market was the office coffee service market.”

Anyone who has worked in an office or workplace with traditional drip-brewed coffee can see why they saw a market opportunity in improving on that experience. Switching to single serve meant an end to complaints about who didn’t make the coffee when they used the last drops from the old pot. It meant an end to just one coffee choice for 20 people. It meant an end to the smell and taste of stale, burnt coffee left on a warming plate too long.


Sylvan also points out the team behind single serve saw an environmental benefit if workers didn’t have to go out for coffee. “That would make it environmentally neutral, because you wouldn’t have those Starbucks cups [everywhere],” he commented.


Sylvan and his colleagues never expected that consumers would bring that office coffee solution into their own homes in search of the same convenience, quality and variety they were finally getting at work. Of course, they also never expected the concerns about waste that we see today either or that those concerns would reach back into workplaces.

With the arrival of PῧrPod100 ™ on the market this year, the coffee brands offering the world’s first certified 100% compostable option are seeing interest from offices and workplaces across North America. People in working environments with strong commitments to sustainability and waste reduction see the benefits of the compostable pod. They have been asking how soon compostable single serve can make its way into their break rooms.

Well, their wait is almost over. Plans are moving along fast to make compostable choices as easy at work as they are becoming at home.