Making Biodegradable & Related Environmental Claims Webinar


Making Biodegradable & Related Environmental Claims 2 pm –3 pm ET Wednesday, August 24

SPI will be hosting a webinar for those interested in learning more about making biodegradable or related environmental claims about their products or packaging.

Bioplastics are a dynamic and innovative part of the plastics industry, playing an important role in promoting sustainability. In this fast-evolving landscape, as bioplastics grown in consumer demand, it is important that specific claims about a product’s biobased content or biodegradability be made carefully. Particular attention should be given to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Green Guides, which clarify the FTC’s position on biodegradability, compostability and degradability claims, among others.

Webinar discussion will include the following topics, led by the following speakers:

• SPI’s Bioplastics Division and Bioplastics Week (Keith Edwards)
• Avoiding FTC Pitfalls when Making Environmental Claims (Sheila Millar)
• Industrial Compostability Claims Checklist (Edwin Tam)


Register for the free webinar by clicking here.