Down in the Dumps: Why “Biodegradable” is no answer

Biodegradable products sound like a good idea. Throw them away but let nature’s own processes break them down gently and completely. Seems environmentally-friendly. Not so fast. In fact, not fast at all. The late Dr. William Rathje was an American archaeologist who became a world-leading garbage expert. His long-running Tucson Garbage Project investigated what people […]

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Single Serve Coffee: Time to Ban or Time to Do Better?

Purpod 100 Certified Compostable Coffee Pods

Hamburg, Germany is banning city-funded purchases of single serve coffee pods as part of a green purchasing policy for its municipal operations. City officials point to the waste associated with single serve as the reason for their decision. Club Coffee gets that. It’s the reason for the groundbreaking research that led to PῧrPod100™ — the […]

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