PURPOD100™: The Big Coffee Buzz at #COMPOST2016


PῧrPod100™ and the coffees that use it really got the caffeinated buzz going at #COMPOST2016.

The annual major conference of the United States Composting Council (USCC) took place from January 25th to 28th. While many attendees were held up by the massive winter storm that hit the US mid-Atlantic states, the hundreds of people who made it to Jacksonville for Compost2016 got a lot more than Florida warmth when they got to see PῧrPod100™ up close and personal.

Purpod100 @ USCC #COMPOST2016 – look at our #coffee grow!

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An attractive booth featuring the helpful PῧrPod100™ team was one part of the draw. The insightful analysis of the process to get PῧrPod100™ from the drawing board to store shelves across America and online by Claudio Gemmiti, Club Coffee Senior VP, also helped grow awareness of this ground-breaking answer to single serve waste. Both combined to build awareness of the world’s first Certified 100% Compostable solution to concerns about the waste associated with single serve.

Photo with Joe Lamp’l!

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Conference goers were interested to learn that PῧrPod100™ is certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI), the primary US body for certifying products as compostable. They paid attention to the real world test results from recognized composting leaders such as the Seattle area’s Cedar Grove.

But the real star of the show turned out to be the coffee inside PῧrPod100™. Yes, the innovative mesh filter is interesting and, yes, the unique brown ring made with coffee chaff is intriguing – but the real coffee rush came from visitors who loved the quality coffees using PῧrPod100™ that are on their way to market very soon.

The #1 question after people tried it was, “This is great coffee. Where can I buy this?” People who tried the coffee wanted to know how soon they can get this in their homes and workplaces. People from waste management services wanted to know how soon they can get this to their customers.

The answer to those questions is in the production line right now. Here comes the right solution for a compostable choice – and a great cup of coffee, thanks to PῧrPod100™.