PURPOD100 Part of Innovation Takes Root in Orlando

PURPOD100 at Innovation Takes Root

What’s it like to explore how to move a leading-edge innovation even further ahead? It’s like being part of a team to building a sustainable future for everyone.

PῧrPod100™, Club Coffee and MZB-USA’s Hills Bros. brand will all be part of building that future on March 31 and April 1 at Innovation Takes Root in Orlando. Focused on the community that produces and uses NatureWorks LLC’s Ingeo, the conference enables participants to see how this innovative substance is being used already and how it can help to meet new product sustainability demands.

PURPOD100 Samples Ready For Innovation Takes Root

Ingeo has many uses in the growing array of bioplastics. For the award-winning PῧrPod100™, Ingeo is a key ingredient behind its status as the world’s first Certified 100% Compostable pod for single serve coffee, tea and other hot beverages. Made from plants instead of oil, Ingeo provides the kind of alternative to petroleum-based plastics that ensures PῧrPod100™ delivers the environmental results that consumers want from single serve.

Innovation Takes Root is an opportunity for researchers, businesses and organizations of many kinds to come together. Speakers from places as diverse as Ikea, the World Wildlife Fund organizations, Nestlé and the Minnesota Twins will be just some of the people discussing aspects of the shift from traditional plastics to bioplastics, including compostables.

PῧrPod100™ will be featured at a booth at Innovation Takes Root. Club Coffee and MZB-USA will have displays on the innovative single serve pod and people at the conference will be able to take samples of the new compostable Hills Bros. single serve to enjoy.

Club Coffee’s Senior VP of Strategic Growth and Innovation, Claudio Gemmiti will speak on a panel discussing how Ingeo is part of changing the single serve beverage landscape. His presentation on PῧrPod100™ will focus on both the technology that makes the compostable pod a success and the rapidly-changing consumer expectations that are leading coffee companies to look to Club for innovative answers to single serve advances.

Together, that booth and the presentation will help people at Innovation Takes Root see where single serve coffee fits into the sustainable future everyone wants.

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