Single Serve Night Fever

Single Serve Part of UK Consumer Price Index

Disco may be dead – but single serve coffee like Club Coffee’s PurPod100™ is “Staying Alive!”

The United Kingdom Office for National Statistics (ONS) announced it is adding single serve pods to the official basket of goods and services that it uses to calculate the country’s Consumer Price Index. It also announced it is no longer tracking nightclub entry fees. Coincidence?

ONS assesses about 700 items each year to determine the cost of living. Annual changes to that list make sure inflation rates are linked to the most common expenses for people in the UK. All ONS is saying is that the change reflects “this new type of coffee machine seeing growing popularity” and that the number of clubs across Britain and Northern Ireland has dropped, with many no longer charging to get in.

Maybe there’s a link here?

Could it be that people are now staying home for great single serve coffee instead going out?

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