5 Reasons to Enjoy Your PῧrPod100™ Coffee on Earth Day

Stories on single serve pods are already popping up as part of the media coverage of Earth Day on April 22nd. People see the waste associated with plastic pods and ask if there’s a better way. With PῧrPod100™ there is. Here are five eco-powerful reasons to enjoy your PῧrPod100™ coffee this Earth Day and every day.

– #1 –

Single serve brewers are generally more energy-efficient than regular coffee makers. Their power use is focused on the time it takes to brew your cup of coffee. It can take substantially more energy to keep a carafe of coffee warm on a traditional coffee maker, long after it was brewed.

– #2 –

The recent life-cycle analysis of single serve and traditional drip brewing of coffee points out that ground coffee can go stale if it’s not used promptly. When consumers throw out unused but stale coffee or brewed coffee that no one drank, they’re throwing out all the resources and energy it took to grow, ship and process that coffee. Single serve coffee is packaged for freshness and with just the right amount of coffee per cup.

– #3 –

PῧrPod100™ is made with bio-based materials, including the coffee bean skins (known as chaff) left over from the roasting process that help to give its unique ring that coffee brown color.

– #4-

When composted, single serve coffee from compostable pods delivers a conservatively-projected 23% reduction in the greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change, compared to conventional drip brewed coffee over its life cycle.

And, of course, #5

When you choose brands such as Hills Bros. and Juan Valdez that are already using PῧrPod100™, you’re choosing the world’s first certified 100% compostable pod. The pods go right into the food scrap composting systems that many municipalities and waste services now offer.