PART 1 Of The Inside View on Creating PῧrPod100™ – The World’s First 100% Certified Compostable Pod

The Story Behind The PURPDO100 Science

The scientific and technical path to PῧrPod100™ was challenging and ground-breaking. We sat down with Claudio Gemmiti, Senior Vice President of Innovation and Strategic Growth at Club Coffee to learn more about that story.

Q. Why did you choose the compostable format?

A – We knew that even though consumers were moving to single serve, many of them were not happy about the waste they were seeing as they threw out their used pods. We looked at the options and compostable was the simple, intuitive and convenient one for consumers.

Q. How much of the research took place in your operations?

A – It has been a real team effort. Early on, we connected with the Bioproducts Discovery and Development Centre at the University of Guelph. People throw around the term “leading edge” a lot. BDDC is exactly that. They are doing the fundamental work to enable the shift to a more renewable economy by finding ways to replace traditional petroleum-based plastics with ones made using plant and agricultural substitutes.

Our work with Competitive Green Technologies built on the success that CGT has already had in many product fields. The company collaborates with BDDC, taking its bio-resin innovations and commercializing them for companies like us that need a sustainable replacement for traditional plastics. A good example is their work in compounding the bio-resins that auto parts manufacturers are using to create much lighter car parts.

Then there are the suppliers that we have used for the mesh filters in our pods and the lids. We set a pretty high standard and they rose to the challenge. I think their product development people were as intrigued as we were. They wanted to do something that hadn’t been done before. And they did.

Of course, we brought all the components together on our production lines where we determined if the properties could lead to a commercial solution, both from manufacturing and brewing perspective. We have a lot of expertise when it comes to product innovation and we put it to good use.

More blogs based on this interview will follow.