PART 3 Of The Inside View on Creating PῧrPod100™ – Filtering Innovation into Every Cup

Compostable Coffee Pods Make The Perfect Coffee

Claudio Gemmiti, Senior Vice President of Innovation and Strategic Growth at Club Coffee describes one major component of each PῧrPod100™.

Q. People pay a lot of attention to the ring on the pod and the use of coffee chaff as an ingredient in the mix. What about the mesh filter?

A. The filter was maybe the most challenging part of this development. It plays such a big part of the coffee experience for this pod format because it has to do a lot, do it well and do it consistently. It has to hold the coffee and then allow the brewed coffee to flow through at the right pace so the flavor is exactly right.

The PLA fibers (PLA is made using corn sugars) have to stretch to hold the coffee during manufacturing and then to accommodate the sudden pressure of very hot water without bursting during brewing. Traditionally, PLA fibers don’t do all of that very easily. The filter mesh has to be so fine that it doesn’t allow anything but the coffee solids to go through. We ask a lot of this mesh, so moving it to a compostable format was quite a challenge. This is why a lot of the companies have said their coffee pods were “mostly” biodegradable. As far as we know, they have not figured out how to get a compostable filter to work yet, so their product does not meet the standards set by BPI for 100% compostability.

We have worked very closely with our suppliers and we keep working with them. They are as interested as we are in finding new solutions to an environmental challenge. The result of that collaboration and that focus on results is that every PῧrPod100™ has a mesh filter made of advanced compostable fibers that has not only earned Certified 100% compostable status from the Biodegradable Products Institute, it delivers what coffee drinkers want in every cup – a delicious and consistent cup of coffee