Monthly Archives: July 2016

Carbon + Nitrogen = Healthy Compost

PURPOD100 Needs Nitrogen

The microorganisms that turn compostable coffee pods and other food and yard waste into compost at large scale facilities need oxygen – but they also need the right food in a balanced diet from those compostable waste materials. While compost microorganisms need various micronutrients or minerals, carbon and nitrogen are the two key food requirements […]

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Compost Breathes Easy

Oxygen is an important factor in composting. Like most living beings, the aerobic microorganisms that turn food and garden waste into compost require oxygen to support their life. They get it from air that flows through the compost pile or that is trapped in the spaces within it. But how do you get air into […]

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What’s Composting’s Big Wet Secret?

PurPod100 is a successful innovation for many reasons. One of the most important is that it can break down in as little as 5 weeks in well-managed composting processes — like most food waste. But what makes for well-managed composting processes? “Get the moisture level right,” is a good way to think about items in […]

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