Club Coffee on the Provision Coalition’s Food and Beverage Manufacturer Sustainability Tour

Club Coffee is please to be participating in the 2016 Tour on Sustainability held by Provision Coalition for it’s PurPod100™ Innovation.

Spotlight on Sustainability

About the Tour

Provision Coalition, Canada’s premier industry association advancing sustainability with food and beverage manufacturers, is taking its annual sustainability conference on the road this year. This tour will showcase leaders in food and beverage manufacturing highlighting company culture, new technologies and innovative strategies that reduce environmental impacts, improve social conditions and drive operational efficiencies.

The tour starts at Maple Leaf Foods with a keynote address on animal welfare and public trust from Tim Faveri, VP, of Sustainability and Shared Value. From there participants will travel to Coca Cola to learn of the company’s approach to natural capital and specifically water management. A stop at Club Coffee follows to talk about development of the world’s first certified, compostable coffee pod. Brad Wiseman, CFO, Earth Fresh Foods provides closing remarks for the day on company culture and embracing sustainability within an SME.

Club Coffee’s Tour Stop

Club Coffee will put the spotlight on sustainable innovation! Club’s new PurPod100™ is the world’s first certified 100 per cent compostable single serve pod for coffee, tea and other hot beverages. Well-known brands in Canada and the US are switching to PurPod100™ to meet consumer demand for environmentally responsible single serve convenience and quality – with other innovations in the works.

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