Solange Ackrill, VP Strategic Planning & Process Innovation at Club Coffee, speaking at PAC TO THE FUTURE conference



Early adoption and implementation of emerging trends, ideas and innovations will be the difference between winning market share or the threat of business survival. The PAC TO THE FUTURE Conference will provide a road map and the tools to be a leader in 2025. Discussions on emerging trends, packaging innovations and which technologies will flourish in 2025 will be the main focus. Topics will include: Circular Economy, Internet of Things, omni-channel, big data, analytics, virtual, 3D, digital printing, smart, interactive, robotics, artificial intelligence, computer-aided design, drones, technical and biological nutrients, nanotechnology.

Solange Ackrill from Club Coffee will be among the presenters at the PAC TO THE FUTURE conference on September 29th, 2016. Solange will be presenting on:

Disrupting Single Serve Coffee Using Compostable Packaging

Compostability is a packaging solution that meets consumer goals for convenience and eco-friendliness. Club Coffee shares lessons and challenges from creating the world’s first certified 100% compostable single serve coffee pod, the PurPod100.

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