Monthly Archives: April 2018

Compostable Coffee Pods on Track for Toronto Approval

Club Coffee’s presentations to the Committee enabled it to clarify information about PurPod100 including: It breaks down entirely in as little as five weeks in managed aerobic composting systems designed to produce high-quality compost; It breaks down at rates comparable to most food waste and faster than bones, fruit pits and other commonly accepted food […]

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PurPod100 and Club Coffee Sponsor’s Specialty Coffee Expo’s Sustainability Initiatives

Over 10,000 specialty coffee professionals and enthusiasts travel to this event each year. That can amount to a lot of waste if sustainable options are not offered and encouraged. PurPod100, the worlds first 100% Compostable Single Serve Coffee Pod, is sponsoring the sustainability initiatives at this event this year. These initiatives include: – No-Waste Bins […]

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