Plastic Coffee Pods: Good, Bad, or Just Plain Ugly?

What happens to your plastic coffee pods once they’re thrown away? They’re probably going straight to a landfill — even the ones labelled “recyclable”. Professor Calvin Lakhan of the Faculty of Environmental Studies at Toronto’s York University is one of Canada’s leading experts on our waste systems. His new study, Compostable vs. Plastic Coffee Pods: […]

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Compostable VS. Plastic Coffee Pods

Separating Fact From Fiction – Get answers to your questions! – Are plastic coffee pods recyclable?– Why aren’t the KCup and RealCup pods recyclable?– I thought that if I separate the lid from the plastic pod, and dump out the coffee, I can put it in my Blue Bin? – Why do some manufacturers advertise that […]

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Club Coffee Welcomes Ontario’s Commitment to Support Compostable Product Innovation


New Ontario Working Group Expected to Recommend How to Accept Compostable Coffee Pods and Other Innovations in Ontario Green Bins Toronto, June 20, 2019 — Club Coffee, the leader in plant-based, compostable single serve coffee pods, saluted the Ontario government decision to move rapidly so compostable coffee pods will be accepted in all Ontario green […]

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