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Certified commercially compostable† pods

PURPOD100® delivers convenient, high-quality coffee, tea and other hot beverages while cutting down on the waste associated with many single serve solutions.

What is PURPOD100®? Where to Buy

Delicious beverages, Enticing aromas, Sustainability


From the skilled hands of our coffee farmers to your cup, we take care of every step of the way. It’s in that first delicious sip you taste and that beautiful, fragrant aroma that you smell.


PURPOD100® delivers the convenient, high-quality coffee, tea and hot beverages you expect in a single serve format, with the right solution to help reduce the waste to landfill associated with traditional single serve.


With all components designed to break down into compost, PURPOD100® is easy to dispose of and requires no separation prior to disposal in your municipal green bin or other collection of commercially compostable† items.

PURPOD100® Is Designed With The Environment In Mind

PURPOD100® is certified to internationally-recognized standards and meets the ASTM 6868 standard for North America

Certified and Tested

Tested and certified commercially compostable† by BPI and field-tested and approved by the Compost Manufacturing Alliance (CMA). PURPOD100® produces compost that enables plant growth and is safe for the environment with no soil toxicity.

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Compostable Vs. Recyclable

Each PURPOD100® is designed to be fully commercially compostable† with plant-based structural materials. Their convenient design (no need to separate for disposal) helps divert food waste from landfill.

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It Works

Through our real-world field-testing with CMA, PURPOD100® is proven to break down in aerobic processes in as little as 5 weeks.

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About PURPOD100®

We developed PURPOD100® with the intention of keeping things simple

PURPOD100® single serve coffee pods are designed to break down with the rest of the food waste that local composting programs collect and process. Food waste, like coffee, and composting services are key in returning valuable nutrients to the soil.

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Consumers want real alternatives to the plastic waste associated with single serve beverages

Experts saw certified commercially compostable† as the answer – a convenient single serve pod for great tasting coffee, tea and other soluble beverages. Researchers got to work to turn that vision into results. They developed PURPOD100®.

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Using PURPOD100®

Designed to work in K-Cup®* style brewers

Our rigorous testing ensures a great experience with our delicious, commercially compostable† coffee pods. We regularly test on new single serve brewer makes and models that enter the marketplace to ensure PURPOD100® is optimized for the perfect brew across brewing systems.

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PURPOD100® Awards & Recognition

Some of our accomplishments and proudest PURPOD100® moments.


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