Our Journey

A team of passionate coffee experts, forward thinking innovators and creative thought leaders - all crafting tomorrow's solutions

Our PURPOD100® team is committed to doing things right, taking an evidence-based approach to sustainable innovation.

PURPOD100® has been rigorously tested to demonstrate real-world benefits with research and analysis to back it up.

A key step in this ethos has been earning commercial/industrial/municipal program composting certification from the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI®). BPI® is a leading authority on commercially compostable† products and administers North America’s foremost compostable label accreditation program. This not-for-profit association is comprised of member organizations from government, industry, and academia.

BPI® educates manufacturers, legislators, consumers and composters about the importance of scientifically based standards for commercially compostable† materials which break down in large composting facilities.

It also promotes the use and recovery of commercially compostable† materials.


To earn BPI® certification, our products must be tested in approved third party labs to demonstrate compliance with the ASTM D6868 standard. The results and formulations must be verified by BPI’s technical reviewer.

BPI® only allows the BPI Certification Mark to be used after it confirms this successful testing and verification. You can find a complete list of our leading, certified commercially compostable† single serve coffee brands using PURPOD100® on the BPI® website.

Real-World Testing

Certification in the lab was just one of many important steps for PURPOD100®. Testing in industrial commercial composting facilities, using different technologies and processes, was another key step to demonstrate successful real-world results.

The evidence from composting facilities verifies PURPOD100® breaks down completely in as little as 5 weeks.

PURPOD100® has been field-tested and certified by the Composter Manufacturing Alliance (CMA).

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Designed with the environment in mind, PURPOD100® is certified commercially compostable†.

About PURPOD100®

Learn More About The World Of PURPOD100® Designed with the environment in mind, PURPOD100® is certified as commercially compostable†.

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Sustainable Innovation

A commercially compostable† solution to traditional plastic and the partners who helped make it happen

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Awards and Recognition

PURPOD100®'s accomplishments and proudest moments.

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Innovating The Future

Today, you can enjoy PURPOD100® certified commercially compostable† coffee pods thanks to years of hard work and innovation. “What’s next on the horizon” you ask? Join us on our journey of sustainable discovery.

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