Innovating The Future

Today, you can enjoy PURPOD100® certified commercially compostable† coffee pods and that’s just the start

Thanks to years of hard work and innovation PURPOD100® is a reality... “What’s next on the horizon” you ask? Join us on our journey of sustainable discovery.

Think Beyond Traditional Plastic

With plant-based materials and inks, PURPOD100® delivers a fresher and more robust taste experience without the traditional plastic or the mess of separation for disposal in curbside green bin or other commercial composting programs.


A variety of beverages are available in PURPOD100® commercially compostable† pods, including coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cappuccino and latte single serve beverages. We have sustainable beverage options for every consumer – across dayparts, geographies and demographics. Proudly BPI® certified and Composter Manufacturing Alliance (CMA) approved!

Other Innovations by Club Coffee

As we continue to look toward the future, we are continuing to meet the needs of consumers through new sustainable innovations.

Learn more about the world of PURPOD100®

Designed with the environment in mind, PURPOD100® is certified commercially compostable†.

About PURPOD100®

Learn More About The World Of PURPOD100® Designed with the environment in mind, PURPOD100® is certified as commercially compostable†.

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Sustainable Innovation

A commercially compostable† solution to traditional plastic and the partners who helped make it happen

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Our Journey

A look into the thorough, multistep certification process of PURPOD100®.

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Awards and Recognition

PURPOD100®'s accomplishments and proudest moments.

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