Using PURPOD100®

Club Coffee pods were created with sustainability in mind and designed to work in many K-Cup®* style brewers

Our rigorous testing ensures that you have a great experience with our delicious, commercially compostable† coffee pods. New brewer makes and models come out regularly and we check them to ensure that they work with our PURPOD100® commercially compostable† pods.

Developing PURPOD100® and behind the design

PURPOD100® was developed by Club Coffee with the help of a few key partners. Not only did we want PURPOD100® to be better for the environment, but we wanted a look unique to what we normally see on shelves. Our research identified how to use the thin skin that comes off roasted coffee beans (the coffee chaff) to give the ring on every PURPOD100® its distinctive brown coloring.

Using PURPOD100® with your single serve brewer

PURPOD100® is not only eco-friendly, but it’s also easy to use. Simply place a PURPOD100® soft pod in your single serve brewer, directly where you would normally place a traditional plastic K-Cup®*. Our pods sit perfectly in the brewing chamber and our commercially compostable† mesh allows the coffee to flow perfectly into your cup. Once brewing is complete, let the pod cool slightly before removing it from the brewer. Then, just place it directly into your compost bin, no separating required!

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Designed with the environment in mind, PURPOD100® is certified commercially compostable†.

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