September 26, 2016

Club Coffee to speak today at Bio-Based Live

Bio-Based Live

For two days (September 26th and 27th) Bio-Based Live brings together high-level stakeholders to encourage greater adoption of bio-based innovations. 


Bio-Based Live supports commercialization by looking at:

  1. >> The process and technology to produce price and performance competitive chemicals.
  2. >> Market sector demand. Driving adoption of green solutions from brands and retailers.


Club Coffee will be speaking at the Bio-Based Live event today covering an important topic in the session on “Is scientific speak strangling sustainability?” This session will focus on value creation not merely the material being used:

  1. >> How to market bio-based/green? Understanding bio-based.
  2. >> Do stated values impact consumer purchasing?
  3. >> Creating a human connection with green products.


Christopher McKillop will be presenting on “Consumers and Greenwashing: Hope & Hype” between 5:30-5:45 Eastern Standard Time.



To learn more about Club Coffee: Click Here

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To learn more about Bio-Based Live: Click Here


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